Building a concept on the basis of creating beautiful and unique indoor plants that are low maintenance to suit our busy schedules, Plantarium was inspired by the women in our lives who look after us, and just like us, a terrarium is a living organism that requires a little TLC in order to thrive.

Dedicating our terrariums to these special ladies gave us the chance to realise what it was that we were trying to achieve: a beautiful piece of nature which creates a positive indoor environment by inspiring comfort and tranquillity, in return for our attention and nurturing.

We are also big believers in recycling. Each of our terrariums is housed in a custom-made wooden crate, recycled from planks used in old decking and flooring sites, provided by our tradie friends and family. The crate you receive will depend on the Plantarium you choose to welcome into your family.

Our dedication to recycling is something that we hope we can pass on to you. Your terrarium’s crate has an endless number of uses. It would be the perfect house for a herb garden on the outside table, a provincial cookbook holder in the kitchen, a place to store utensils for the family barbecue, or anything else you can imagine to carry on its life.